Antionette (Sleep and pain):

Antoinette (after one week of taking the drops) “Been on the drops for four nights, I don’t wake up every 2 hours; I wake up only once a night instead of 3 times. My stomach pains from ulcer and chronic infection is much better. My days are under control, I am not so fearful and panicking all the time. I am starting my new job on Monday. Where I am not required to do my normal aviation medical anymore, so I am glad I can continue with the oil drops. I have also stopped my storming 40 mg of cholesterol medication, only taking Ezetrol and my hormone tabs. Thanks for Green Health Cannabis Oil, I feel so much better.


Craig (Bipolar):

“Green Health Cannabis oil helped me get off all my bi-polar medication that I was on for 7 years. I phased off my medication gradually over 5 months in conjunction with medical advice (which is recommended). I found that this bipolar medication, like most medication, interfered with my health and my body mind spiritual connection and altered my personality and sense of humour. The root cause of many health issues is stress and lack of sleep. I now feel more relaxed and manage my stress better and sleep 8 to 9 hours every night, enjoying the deepest sleep I have ever had. I take Green Health Cannabis Oil at night and have been off my bipolar medication for 5 months now and feel fantastic.”

Beanell (Cancer):

Beanell “23 May 2017: Today I praise the Lord. I have not felt this good in months. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013, I really tried everything available. My children aged 4 and 6 now, need their mom. Lots of prayers and products battling this cancer I am so grateful for Green Health Cannabis oil and suppositories that God blessed me with. No more pain or headaches, energy level up. I sleep better, stopped using cortisone. I live a normal life!!!!! From where I stand money can’t buy me a cancer free life. But it can buy me a God given product I can use.


Anne – Rita (Cancer)

Anne-Rita (Letter of appreciation) “My son Pieter-Rian 16, has Metastatic Ewing Sarcoma cancer. Thank you for your most kind and generous donation of Cannabis Oil and suppositories during March (2017) this year. Your kindness has brought great relief to Pieter-Rian. It has helped him a lot with pain and anxiety. Your willingness to help, even though you had never met us really touched my heart.”

Jessica (Pain):

Jessica (After one week of taking the drops) “I am really enjoying the benefits of the oil – my neck is almost 100% (after a neck operation) and my psoriasis (skin condition similar to eczema) is clearing up really well”.

Lyn (Depression and sleep)

“My son is improving daily. He has suffered with deep depression, anxiety and insomnia for the last 6 years and been on sleeping tablets and tranquilizers. He has not worked in this time. In the last 10 days (since being on the Cannabis oil) he has been getting up, eating, sleeping, communicating and getting things done”.


Kerry (Relaxation)

“I have had the most relaxed competition morning since I can remember. It’s the drops !!!” “My daughter has been so chilled and cheerful. It’s amazing.”

Urmila (Sleeping and Restless Leg Syndrome – RLS)

“Yes they did make a difference, helped him sleep better and reduced the restless legs”.

Mark (Sleeping)

I am sleeping well and off my sleeping tablets after 10 years.

Leandra (Skin)

I had a double pimple appear yesterday. A few drops on the pimples cleared the pimples up quickly. I am convinced it is a miracle product.

Brenda (Vape and giving up smoking)

My husband starting using the vape oil two days ago. Previously when he tried to stop smoking with prescription drugs I ended up buying him cigarettes again and again because he was so irritable. This time he is only using Green Health Canna vape oil. It is amazing. He is not irritable at all. He is only smoking 3 cigarettes a day, down from about 40 a day. His chest is also opening up.

Client (Breast cancer)

Adrian’s client (Breast cancer). A Dear friend of mine had breast cancer. This is the before and after photos in 60 days after using the Green Health cancer program. The Doctors recommended surgery or chemotherapy and said they did not think the breasts would decline in size. Against the advice of the Doctors, Adrian recommended the Green Health Cannabis program of cannabis drops, suppositories and external application of the cannabis oil in the affected areas. The client starting feeling better immediately and this amazing result after 60 days!