Night Drops 10ml


Oil:The Canna night drops are made from multiple strains of cannabis grown organically all over SA. Multi strain cannabis has the benefit of having multiple properties e.g. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, anti-psychotic, neuroprotective etc. These drops are strong and suitable for taking in the evenings and helps prevent and treat multiple ailments but particularly effective to improve sleep during which the body rests and detoxes.

Drops:The drops are taken onto the tongue. The tongue is a very effective delivery method because of the large number of receptors that are connected to the head and brain.

Dosage instructions, general information and FAQ: The drops come with detailed dosage instructions that help each customer establish the optimum dosage or number of drops. They also outline that cannabis does not generally clash with any medication and assists in reducing dependence on medication. We cover FAQ about why and how cannabis works.


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