Why Green Health?

Green Health is the preferred medicinal cannabis supplier of medicinal cannabis to Doctors, Medical practitioners and clients. Our expertise is in providing natural, holistic and effective health care solutions and we provide individualised advice and detailed dosage instructions and money back guarantee.


Green Health (GH) follows cannabis global best practice that includes the following principles:


Category Principle
Organic All GH cannabis is grown organically and naturally outdoors in the sun.
Medicinal GH use only high quality medicinal cannabis.
Whole plant GH uses only the whole plant and do not interfere or extract from the over 400 natural compounds found in the cannabis plant.
Laboratory tested GH product is properly certified for potency and purity by a proper laboratory.
Right extraction process GH uses high quality plant based ethanol to extract the resins from the cannabis plant. This helps preserve the over 400 active compounds.
Dosage instructions, packaging, labelling and website GH has professional and appropriate labels, brochures, dosage instructions and a proper website and gives appropriate advice.
Training GH agents are appropriately trained in the treatment of ailments using medicinal cannabis.




Strains: We use a mix of the two main strains: Indica which is suited mostly for night time sleep and healing and Sativa which is suited for day time energising.

Grown organically, outdoors, in nature: We source high quality medicinal seeds. Our cannabis is grown organically outdoors in nature under the sun and not inside a building under artificial lighting. Our cannabis is grown without chemicals fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides etc. Our highly experienced team controls the growing to ensure quality and consistency.


Laboratory testedOur product is tested in a reputable laboratory, not only for cannabis potency (THC and CBD) but also for purity. Our product has over 400 natural ingredients that include about 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other active compounds. Our laboratory results reflect the high medicinal quality of our product and prove that we use medicinal cannabis as opposed to recreational cannabis. Our products have the right ratios of THC, a powerful healing cannabinoid that is psychoactive and complimented with high CBD that is anti-psychoactive to ensure that clients heal and relax and clients “do not get high”.


The critical THC: CBD ratio: According to one of the leading authorities on Medicinal Cannabis, Uwe Blesching in his book, the Cannabis Health Index (CHI), over 90% of ailments require both CBD and THC. The ratio of THC to CBD is critical and differentiates medical cannabis from recreational cannabis. THC is generally better for night time sleep (helps insomnia) and, as a result, is responsible for most of cannabis’ sleep-inducing effects and pain management. On the other hand, studies suggest CBD acts to promote wakefulness. THC demonstrates analgesic, anti-emetic, and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD shows similar results, plus anti-psychotic, anti-seizure, and anti-anxiety properties. This is the reason why THC and CBD are like “brother and sister” / “husband and wife”. They are a vital combination; it’s not about which of them, it’s about the right combination of these vital cannabinoids. THC is psychotic but CBD is anti-psychotic, so having both THC and CBD gives you the wonderful benefits of THC with the CBD offsetting the psychotic effects of THC. A clinical study called “Project CBD” noted that for medicinal purposes the maximum THC: CBD ratio should be 10:1. Green Health products comply with this ratio and are generally below 10:1.

Medicinal cannabis: We use high quality medicinal cannabis and avoid using recreational cannabis that generally has over 90% THC with virtually none of the complimentary cannabinoids such as CBD and therefore not suitable for medical purposes. Many “medicinal” suppliers unfortunately use recreational cannabis because it is widely available and inexpensive. Over the last approximately 100 years, whilst cannabis has unfortunately been banned, the plant has been genetically modified for recreational uses by increasing the THC levels and reducing the CBD levels to give recreational users the “high” they require. For this reason, recreational cannabis is no longer suitable for medical purposes. This is the reason why we are so strict on only using high quality organic medicinal cannabis that has been laboratory tested and is used for medical purposes.

Whole plant “Entourage” or synergetic effect: Our whole plant solution provides what is known as the “entourage effect” with the synergies of all ingredients of this magic plant working together as a whole, multiplying the effects to provide the desired outcome. We do not produce synthetic solutions or interfere with the plant. Many suppliers provide synthetic single molecule solutions that don’t provide a whole plant solution and are generally ineffective and toxic.

Multi Strain: All our cannabis is multi strain and comes from different strains grown all over SA. Multiple strains has the benefit of having multiple properties Eg Anti-inflammatory, Anti-backterial, Anti-psychotic, Neuroprotective etc. 

Correct delivery methods : We utilise drops delivered onto the tongue largely for ‘head space’ ailments. Capsules are better for inflammatory stomach issues. Vape is effective for lung related issues. Tropical cream for skin and localised pain.